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Music That Moves: Final Fantasy VII Remake Hollow

The worst lies are the ones that we tell ourselves. What often begins as an innocent misrepresentation slowly transitions into willful denial. Until eventually, the architect is no longer able to decipher between fiction and reality. In that moment, salvation is only possible through the outstretched hand of another. Such is the story of Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sales Explosion

Fans of the Final Fantasy series waited five long years for the remake of Final Fantasy 7. As Square Enix continued to struggle throughout the game’s development, the community collectively wondered if the remake would live up to fan expectations. On Thursday, Famitsu released the launch weekend sales data for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the answer was a resounding

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FF7 Remake Endgame Content Teased

Since its debut on the original PlayStation, Final Fantasy VII is defined by its story, characters, and graphics. But like most JRPGs, players enjoy the grind of completing super bosses, side quests, and other “endgame content.” When SquareEnix revealed that the FF7 Remake contains only the initial Midgar scene, fans were concerned that the amount of content would not justify

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FF7R – New Red XIII Abilities and Shinra HQ Details Emerge

As the industry inches closer to the FF7R release, SquareEnix continues to drop subtle hints about the characters and gameplay. Perhaps the most controversial character is Red XIII, the beloved science experiment gone wrong. Although Red XIII is an important character during the Midgar sequence, he is no longer playable in the remake. While fans expressed their disappointment, producer Yoshinori

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Soundtrack Releases May 27th

Role-playing games are known for epic soundtracks. While fans crave the music from their favorite games, video game companies rarely release official soundtracks. Square Enix is bucking this trend with one of this year’s most anticipated releases. On Friday, Square Enix revealed that the official Final Fantasy 7 Remake soundtrack will release on May 27, 2020. Sing It Loud, Sing

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Red XIII Details Announced

SquareEnix revealed a new Red XIII image on its official Twitter page In an interview with VG247, co-director Naoki Hamaguchi revealed new details about Red XIII As April 10th approaches, SquareEnix continues to release more information about Final Fantasy VII Remake. In addition to new images, FFVII Remake co-director Naomi Hamaguchi had a startling revelation about Red XIII. An Experiment

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