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Xenoblade Chronicles Guide

Despite an install base of over 101 million Wii units, Xenoblade Chronicles were lackluster with just 920,000 units sold. Although sales were relatively disappointing in comparison to the Wii’s hardware sales, the game developed a strong cult following. This following was so strong that Nintendo decided to port the game to the 3DS console where it sold over 560,000 units for

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide

Buried in the failure of the Nintendo Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X developed a cult following for its beautiful open-world design and highly customizable “skell” mechs. Despite a lackluster Wii U install base of 13.56 million units, Xenoblade Chronicles X sold relatively well with global sales topping 840,000 units. Critics praised the depth of the game world, and Nintendo World

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Guide

Monolith Soft, the creative genius behind the Xenogears and the Xenosaga franchises, is known for creating vast, open-world JRPGs brimming with content. While the game worlds are beautiful and endearing, the size of the world, multitude of quests, and customization of characters can be intimidating to newcomers. Most completionists have poured over 200 hours into the game, which proves the content is plentiful and

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