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Minecraft & The Monty Python Easter Egg (Off the Record)

Easter eggs in video games are quickly becoming commonplace in modern titles. What were once little call-outs to pop culture, folk lore, or other video game series are now standard practice within the industry. However, some references are a little more nuanced and thus remain cloaked in mystery. Perhaps none has puzzled modern games more than the killer rabbits in

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Smash Bros: Why Kirby is Sakurai’s Hero (Off the Record)

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. But perhaps no company has embraced the offbeat protagonist quite like Nintendo. From an ambitious Italian Plumber to a lowly forest boy without a fairy, Nintendo franchises continue to adopt the an “underdog” mentality. But what happens when Nintendo consolidates all of its protagonists into a singular game? Who would rise to the

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Super Mario 64: The Dark Past of Whomps (Off the Record)

Let’s face it: saving a princess is no small feat. Throughout Mario’s countless adventures across the Mushroom Kingdom, enemies and obstacles frequently block our heroic plumber’s path. From the simple mushroom-headed Goomba to the terrifying Chain-Chomp, Mario certainly has his work cut out for him. But how did Nintendo come up with such a diverse cast of characters? While Shigeru

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