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It is no secret that Breath of the Wild continues to be a raging success. The game recently surpassed 16 million in total sales and shows no signs of slowing down. But that does not mean that some players are not frustrated by the new open world mechanics and lack of general direction. For that reason, we put together a list of 10 tips for first time Breath of the Wild players. Enjoy!

Upgrade Stamina First

One of the first choices players must make before exiting the Great Plateau is whether to upgrade Link’s stamina or heart container. While most players jump at the added health, stamina is actually much harder to supplement with potions or food. When compared to the game’s many healing options, the lack of wildlife and other stamina-boosting items in Hyrule is staggering. For that reason, we urge players to spend their first few upgrade opportunities on stamina.

*Note – If you accidentally upgraded health and would like to reverse your decision, a statue in Hateno village can help.

Complete Impa & Purah Quests Early

Once players complete the four Great Plateau shrines and earn the paraglider, they are free to roam Hyrule. The main quest directs players to Kakariko Village; however, the entire map is open for exploration. While it is fun to get lost in the game’s vast map, we strongly recommend completing Impa and Purah’s quests early on for the following reasons:

  • Depending upon the route, most players will run into Hestu who is a key character.
  • Completing these quests powers up the Sheikah slate with a new ability that senses nearby shrines.
  • Purah will give Link access to the Sheikah slate’s “memory” pictures, which are obscure locations throughout Hyrule. Visiting these locations triggers special cutscenes, and unlocking all 13 is required to see the game’s true ending.
  • Impa rewards Link with a special piece of armor that is strong for the early game.

Buy Stealth Armor from Kakariko Village

In addition to visiting Impa in Kakariko Village, players should also buy an armor set from the shop. Kakariko sells both Soldier and Stealth armor. While the Soldier’s armor is tempting due to its higher defense rating, we strongly recommend the Stealth set. The reason is simple: the stealth set allows Link to easily catch bugs and other wildlife. Brewing potions with Hyrule’s wildlife is critical to survival, and the Stealth sets makes this task much easier.

Track Down Hestu in the Korok Forest

If you followed our earlier advice and completed Impa and Purah’s quests, you likely stumbled upon the lovable Hestu. While he is indeed a quirky character, Hestu increases the number of weapons Link can carry. His price is Kokok seeds, which are scattered in hidden locations across Hyrule.

After your third encounter, Hestu permanently moves to the Korok Forest located northwest of Kakariko Village. We strongly recommend players track down Hestu’s final resting place early on to increase Link’s weapon inventory. You will definitely need the increased inventory options for the game’s more challenging bosses.

If you are having difficulty finding Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild, here are a few tips:

  • Climb the top of a large hill and lift any suspicious rocks.
  • Look for a circle of lily pads in bodies of water and dive through the center.
  • Find a group of statues with one missing fruit or item and offer the same item to the statue.

Hints for Locating Zelda’s Memories

Finding the 13 memory locations from the Sheikah is no small task. While a few of the pictures are familiar locations in Hyrule, players must be in the exact spot to trigger the cutscene. Thankfully, Breath of the Wild offers a few tips and hints.

The Kakariko painter Pikango is the key, and Link can find him fervently attacking a canvas in the village square. Speak to Pikango after repairing the Sheikah slate, and he will offer some advice on the memory’s location.

But that’s not all: Pikango also loves to travel! While he only appears close by the stables scattered across Hyrule, players should visit a stable whenever they are having difficulty locating a memory.

Earn Rupees Fast

Breath of the Wild broke away from the series on many levels, but perhaps none is more significant than rupees. No longer can Link find rupees in pots or tall grass. Instead, Link must either find treasure chests in the wild or sell items to store owners. While it may seem like a good idea to farm and sell gems, there is an easier way to earn money. Here are a few quick tips for earning some fast cash in Breath of the Wild:

  • Wolves are plentiful in the snowy regions of Hyrule and often drop Prime or Gourmet meat. Travel to one of these locations and farm.
  • Cook five Prime or Gourmet meats at one time. This award Link with a Meat Skewer.
  • Link can sell Prime Meat Skewers for 210 rupees and Gourmet Meat Skewers for 490 rupees.

Given the plentiful supply of wolves in the snowy regions, this is by far the fastest way to earn money in the game.

Cooking 101

While there is no “right” way to cook meals in Breath of the Wild, there is most definitely a “wrong” way. Early on, players should notice that cooking bugs or other critters without using a monster part results in “dubious” food. To avoid that scenario, here are a few tips for cooking in the wild:

  • Always use a monster part when cooking bugs or other critters.
  • Keep in mind that frogs and lizards are considered “bugs” and must be cooked with a monster part.
  • Using monster parts from Hinox and Lynel will increase the strength of potions; however, Link also needs these parts for armor upgrades. For that reason, we recommend avoiding Hinox and Lynel parts when cooking.
  • Do not mix ingredients with different stat boosts as doing so will eliminate all stat buffs. For example, cooking an ironshroom with a razorshroom will provide no stat buffs. Cook these ingredients separately.
  • Combine ingredients with the same stat boosts to increase the power of a meal. For example, cooking an ironshroom with an armored carp will yield a more powerful defensive meal than if these ingredients were cooked separately,
  • Finally, monsters cook fairies. Do not be a monster.

Use Stasis for Foraging

Early on in Link’s adventure, the game reveals the importance of using the Magnesis rune to interact with metal objects. While this is helpful for discovering sunken treasure chests, the stasis rune is actually more helpful. When activated, stasis makes consumable items, such as apples and other vegetables, light up like Christmas trees. When traversing dense woods, activate the stasis rune to stock up on much needed cooking supplies.

Elemental Weapons

In addition to stunning enemies and setting the countryside ablaze, elemental weapons can do a significant amount of damage. But did you know that these rare blades can also protect Link from the harsh weather? Equip a fire blade to protect Link in the snowy mountains and an ice sword for the blistering Gerudo Desert or Death Mountain regions. This trick is especially helpful when players run out of potions or do not have the right protective armor.

Climbing in the Rain

One of the most unique aspects of Breath of the Wild is its physics engine. While the gaming community loved the sense of realism that played into each step of Link’s adventure, there was one major complaint: rain. Simply put, climbing in the rain is a challenge.

Although it may appear impossible, there is a trick to climbing in the rain: counting Link’s steps. During a rainstorm, Link will always slip on the fourth step. As Link places his foot down on the fourth step, press the “jump” button to reach for a higher spot. Link will still fall down; however, he will be slightly higher than when he started. Rinse and repeat.

This technique uses quite a bit of stamina so be sure to bring plenty of stamina potions or meals.


There you have it: our list of beginner tips and tricks for Breath of the Wild. While the game is one of Nintendo’s bigger success stories, it is unlike any other Zelda game. If you struggled with Breath of the Wild early on, our hope is that this list of tips and tricks helps you dive back into the adventure.

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