Final Fantasy 7 Remake Preorder – Physical Release Delays

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  • While not relevant worldwide, Amazon USA sent mixed messages for Final Fantasy 7 Remake preorders
  • Shortly after Amazon sent email notices to customers, Square Enix responded

Delays in video game release dates are common and at time expected. But it is not often that video game preorders become a problem on a massive scale. Such is the case with one of this year’s most anticipated releases: Final Fantasy 7 Remake. On Thursday, Square Enix provided an update for fans who placed a preorder for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The news is as disappointing as it is concerning. Let us dive in.

Our Experience

After nearly five years of waiting, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is almost here. But on Tuesday, we received a startling email from Amazon regarding our preorder.

We were crushed. For almost the entire lifespan of the PlayStation 4, we have waited for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Now we do not know if we need to cancel or preorder and purchase digitally or wait for more information. Thankfully, Amazon sent us another email the next day.

But this email led to even more confusion and uncertainty. Why would Amazon send two misleading emails only 24 hours apart? In hopes to clarify the situation, Square Enix stepped in to provide more details.

The Square Enix Response

According to SE, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing worldwide disruption for distribution and retail channels. The company’s official statement is as follows:

The worldwide release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on April 10 will go ahead. However, with the unforeseeable changes in the distribution and retail landscape which varies across countries, it is increasingly likely that some of you will not get ahold of your copy of the game on the release day.

We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and working with our partners, retailers, and Square Enix teams across Europe and the Americas, to do everything we can to ensure as many of you as possible can play the game on April 10.

Square Enix Twitter Page

We plan on keeping our preorder so we will update the GamingROI community as the situation unfolds. We plan on streaming the game live on April 10th so long as we receive the game. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitch for more details.


But we want to know what you think. Did you preorder Final Fantasy 7 Remake? If so, did the store send you an update on the expected delivery date? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. Also, be sure to check out our other news items on PokemonModern WarfareCapcomBlizzard and more.

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