Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra

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  • Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting its own dedicated Orchestra World Tour
  • The Tour will feature the new theme song “Hollow” from composer Nobuo Uematsu

Video games continue to push the envelope as it pertains to graphics and story. But perhaps no innovation is more prevalent than video game music. Popular series, such as The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, have discovered that fans crave their music as much as the video game experience itself. For that reason, video game companies have sent their live orchestras on worldwide tours. In light of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake release, Square Enix has a special announcement.

New Tour, New Music

The Final Fantasy Orchestra has toured the world since 2007, but perhaps no tour is more anticipated than 2020. In a recent announcement on its official website, Square Enix revealed plans for the 2020 tour. Square is featuring music from Final Fantasy VII Remake to include the new theme “Hollow” (see below). Grammy Award-winner Arnie Roth returns as the series conductor along with Japanese icon vocalist Yosh from the band “Survive Said The Prophet”.

Roth is an icon in the video game music community and has been a part of the Final Fantasy series since 2005. Watching him conduct the live 100 person orchestra will surely be a treat for fans across the globe. The dates and locations of the 2020 tour are as follows:

June 14, 2020Los Angelas, CA
June 27, 2020Atlanta, GA
July 4, 2020Singapore
July 9-10, 2020San Francisco, CA
August 22, 2020Fort Worth, TX
September 25, 2020Phoenix, AZ
October 3, 2020New York, NY
October 24, 2020Chicago, IL
October 30, 2020London, UK
November 7-8, 2020Bangkok, Thailand
December 13, 2020Paris, France
December 19, 2020Barcelona, Spain


While the Final Fantasy Orchestra continues to be a fan favorite, the Square Enix staple is poised to have its best year ever with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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