Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pre Order – Amazon Bonus Details

final fantasy 7 remake pre order bonus theme logo
  • A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake themes is available at launch for all PlayStation 4 owners
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers can access an exclusive theme
  • Fans must pre order FF7R through Amazon in order to receive a special Sephiroth theme

It is no secret that online retailers are struggling to entice gamers to buy physical copies of video games. With the convenience of digital downloads, gamers can access new games right from the comfort of their own home. While this approach has stifled sales at brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon has decided to get creative. So on Friday, Sony announced a series of Final Fantasy 7 Remake pre order bonuses to include an Amazon exclusive. Each is armed with its own soundtrack and should entice fans to consider buying physical versions of the new game. Here are the specifics.

“Free” For All

Fans who downloaded and played the FF7R are in for a special surprise. On Friday, SquareEnix announced that a new theme will be available on April 10th for those who downloaded the FF7R demo. The theme features Cloud on a motorcycle along with Aeris, Barrett, Red XIII, and Tifa overlooking a sunset. Download the FF7R demo before May 11th to be eligible for the theme at launch.

Add the Plus Sign

While the previous theme is free, the next requires a PlayStation Plus account. For those currently subscribed to PS+, SquareEnix is releasing a new theme that will be available “soon”. The theme features Cloud armed with the iconic Buster sword and looking up at Shinra headquarters.

Amazon Pre Order Special

For those who pre order Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Amazon perhaps has the best theme of all: Sephiroth. Fans in the United States must pre order through Amazon to receive this special theme. For those in Europe, a select number of retailers will have the bonus theme available at pre order.


While fans will likely still flock to digital downloads, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake pre order bonus theme should entice a few to buy physical copies. SquareEnix seems to be committed to providing additional themes in the future so stay tuned.

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