Final Fantasy VII Remake – Red XIII Details Announced

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  • SquareEnix revealed a new Red XIII image on its official Twitter page
  • In an interview with VG247, co-director Naoki Hamaguchi revealed new details about Red XIII

As April 10th approaches, SquareEnix continues to release more information about Final Fantasy VII Remake. In addition to new images, FFVII Remake co-director Naomi Hamaguchi had a startling revelation about Red XIII.

An Experiment Gone Right

Fans of Red XIII will be both excited and disappointed by Monday’s news dump from SquareEnix. On the FFVII Remake Twitter Page, SquareEnix gave us the new images below.

Of all the FFVII Remake cast, Red XIII’s character appears to be the closest representation of the original. While his earnings are more pronounced, the tattoos, cufflets, and tail are similar to the 1997 model. The FFVII Remake Twitter page describes Red XIII like this:

A beast that manipulates human words. It has a supple body covered with red hair, sharp claws and fangs, and a burning tail. Currently, captured as a research sample and confined to Dr. Hojo’s facility. Red XIII is the model number, not the real name.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the quality of voice acting in the new trailer. Despite the dire situation, the red lion’s voice is deep and calming.

Finally, Hamaguchi stressed to VG247 that the fan favorite cannot join the main party in the FFVII Remake. While this is disappointing, Nanaki will fight alongside the main party during the escape sequence from Shinra headquarters. This creative decision should provide ample opportunity to expand upon the lore surrounding Nanaki’s imprisonment and perhaps President Rufus’ murder.


Although Red XIII is not playable in the FFVII Remake, SquareEnix could be hinting at more backstory elements. While the base game does not flush out Red XIII’s story until Cosmo Canyon, it would be interesting to learn more about the character during the Midgar sequence.

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