FF7R – New Red XIII Abilities and Shinra HQ Details Emerge

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As the industry inches closer to the FF7R release, SquareEnix continues to drop subtle hints about the characters and gameplay. Perhaps the most controversial character is Red XIII, the beloved science experiment gone wrong. Although Red XIII is an important character during the Midgar sequence, he is no longer playable in the remake. While fans expressed their disappointment, producer Yoshinori Kitase provided more insight into the Red XIII character as well as new information about Shinra Headquarters.

Climb to the Top

During a recent interview on the official Square Enix website, producer Kitase revealed why Red XIII is not playable in FF7R.

To explain more about why we did not make Red XIII a playable character in this game, we felt that because he only joins the team during the latter stages, having him as a playable ally with full character growth potential would not be a satisfying experience for the player. So we decided to have him join for now, as a guest character instead.

Yoshinori Kitase

Not everyone on the development staff was happy with Kitase’s decision. Many staff members felt the same way as fans of the Final Fantasy series: Red XIII is important is to the Midgar section of the game. But Kitase had a creative idea to satisfy both fans and staff alike.

Instead of designing Red XIII as a playable character, Kitase revealed that Red XIII will have new physical abilities. These abilities will be key for players as they navigate the Shinra Headquarters building. For example, Red XIII possesses abilities that will help players overcome “environmental obstacles.” To help further build Red XIII’s story, Kitase disclosed another secret: the Shinra Headquarters building has a new upper floor. While we have no clue as to the contents of a new floor in the Shinra building, we are excited about additional lore surrounding Red XIII.


Although Red XIII is not playable in FF7R, SquareEnix could be hinting at more backstory elements. While the base game does not flush out Red XIII’s story until Cosmo Canyon, it will be interesting to learn more about the character during the Shinra Headquarters’ sequence.

But we want to know what you think. Are you disappointed that Red XIII is not playable in Final Fantasy VII Remake? What about the added floor in the Shinra Headquarters? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. Also, be sure to check out our other news items on Final Fantasy VII REmakeAnimal CrossingModern Warfare, and more.

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