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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Red XIII Details Announced

SquareEnix revealed a new Red XIII image on its official Twitter page In an interview with VG247, co-director Naoki Hamaguchi revealed new details about Red XIII As April 10th approaches, SquareEnix continues to release more information about Final Fantasy VII Remake. In addition to new images, FFVII Remake co-director Naomi Hamaguchi had a startling revelation about Red XIII. An Experiment

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Ghost of Tsushima Release Date Announced

As Sony prepares to announce more details for the next generation PlayStation, the company is relying on a few “swan-song” games to hold fans over until the 2020 holiday season. While most are excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake, another hidden gem has yet to receive an official release date. That is, until now. On Friday, Sucker Punch Productions officially

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