Ghost of Tsushima Release Date Announced

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As Sony prepares to announce more details for the next generation PlayStation, the company is relying on a few “swan-song” games to hold fans over until the 2020 holiday season. While most are excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake, another hidden gem has yet to receive an official release date. That is, until now. On Friday, Sucker Punch Productions officially revealed the Ghost of Tsushima release date along with a new story trailer.

A Perfect Swan-Song

Fans will remember the PlayStation 4 as one of the most important console generations of all time. The console is packed with new IPs that are equal parts surprising as they are iconic. Horizon Zero Dawn. Bloodborne. Spider-Man. Nioh. Each is an exciting and beautiful representation of the hardware’s capabilities as well as developer intuition. As the PlayStation 5 nears a holiday 2020 release, it seems only fitting that a new IP serves as the predecessor’s “swan-song”.

On Friday, Sucker Punch Productions announced that the Ghost of Tsushima release date is scheduled for June 26, 2020. Along with this announcement, the company also revealed a new story trailer. The open-world story is set in late 13th century Japan and focuses on the Mongolian Empire invasion. In addition to the setting, here are more details from the trailer:

  • Sakai Jin is the last surviving shinobi and turns his back on the liberation of Tsushima
  • Jin dies but a mysterious force revives him as a fighter named “Kuroido”
  • After his revival, Jin begins to use techniques that his fellow samurai deem “out of the way” of the noble samurai path

With the exception of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Ghost of Tsushima’s cinematics and story arc are some of the most compelling of 2020. While the game might not sell as well as The Last of Us and Final Fantasy, Sucker Punch’s new IP represents everything that the PlayStation 4 should be remembered for: excellent gameplay, beautiful cinematics, and compelling lore.


While Sucker Punch Productions is taking a chance by introducing a new IP, Ghost of Tsushima appears to be an appropriate “swan-song” for the PlayStation 4. While Sekiro and Nioh 2 are more linear and focus on combat elements, Ghost of Tsushima is the open-world shinobi experience that fans have been waiting for.

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