Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Secrets Revealed

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During this time of worldwide pandemic, several studios are delaying video game releases. From The Last of Us 2 to Cyberpunk 2077, it feels as though every major game in 2020 is experiencing setbacks. In the midst of the chaos, one anticipated title appears to remain on schedule: Ghost of Tsushima. In a recent preview from Official PlayStation magazine, developer Sucker Punch revealed several gameplay secrets.

An Immersive Shinobi Experience

Recall from last month’s update that Sucker Punch’s new trailer disclosed many story details:

  • The world is set is the late 13th century Japan and focuses on the Mongolian Empire invasion.
  • Sakai Jin is the last surviving shinobi and turns his back on the liberation of Tsushima
  • Jin dies but a mysterious force revives him as a fighter named “Kuroido”
  • After his revival, Jin begins to use techniques that his fellow samurai deem “out of the way” of the noble samurai path

While the story details are fascinating, Sucker Punch withheld most of the gameplay details. But on Monday, the developer revealed many key mechanics that are equally intriguing and questionable. Here is a list of our favorites:

  • Players cannot use waypoints for fast travel. Instead, players must rely on the environment and natural landmarks to guide your path.
  • When confronting enemies, players will have a wide-range of options, which include a sword, a grappling hook, arrows and bombs. These tools allow for both close and ranged combat as well as stealth and speed.
  • Throughout the journey, Sakai Jin will partner with several NPCs. When faced with ethical dilemmas, Jin’s decisions will have an impact on his relationships.

These development choices are reminiscent of consequential decision elements from the Fable series and immersive world maps from the Soulsborne series. Needless to say, the news is exciting and appears to be the perfect “swan-song” ending to the PlayStation 4 era. Ghost of Tsushima releases on June 26, 2020.


While Sucker Punch Productions is taking a chance by introducing a new IP, Ghost of Tsushima appears to be an appropriate “swan-song” for the PlayStation 4. In contract to Sekiro and Nioh 2, which focus on linearity and combat, Ghost of Tsushima is the open-world shinobi experience that fans have been waiting for. While the choice of exploring an open-world without waypoints is concerning, the studio’s desire is for players to rely on the environment for navigation as opposed to maps and sub-menus.

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