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Although Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers officially released over the weekend in Japan, few outlets in the West have covered the game. During the reveal in early 2019, fans littered Reddit with outrage over the Koei Tecmo and Atlus crossover; however, the community has begun to warm to the idea of a hack-and-slash Persona game. While most are waiting for a western release, Famitsu treated diehard fans of the series with an informative interview from. Although Atlus kept much of the story details a secret, we did learn quite a bit about the game’s beginning. Let’s dive in.

The Story Thus Far

Persona 5 Scramble begins six months after the base game and during the summer of the protagonists third year in high school. The main character decides to go on a holiday by traveling to Japan in a camper van and decides to meet friends of the Persona 5 base game at a reunion event. As our friends prepare for a summertime BBQ, the game draws the protagonist into an alternate world called the “Jail.”

Located in modern-day Tokyo, Shibuya “Jail” appears to be the first dungeon of the game. The primary issue appears to be that the “jails” rob humans of their hearts, which seems like the premise of the base game. The main theme appears to be that players must somehow convert the various “kings” of different “jails” to restore order to both the world and its citizens.

Other than that, we do not know how many “jails” will appear in Persona 5 Scramble or how the story sequences will impact the overall narrative. What we do know is that Atlus appears to be taking a more methodical approach to the Koei Tecmo crossover than other “Dynasty Warriors” like crossovers, such as Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. Time will tell if the latest installment in Atlus’ hit series is worth playing; however, all signs point to Persona 5 Scramble being a smash hit.


Although we were on the fence about PS5 back in April of 2019, the newest information has reignited our excitement. While the game will have hack-and-slash elements, PS5 appears to be more of an action-RPG. Hopefully Atlus will not make us wait too long for a Western release.

But we want to know what you think. Are you excited for the new Persona 5 Scramble game? When do you think the game will come to the West? Is PS5 a day-one purchase? Let us know in the comments section below or the social media links to the right.

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