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Persona 4 Golden Proves That Console Exclusives Are Bad

The history of console exclusives is one of sadness and melancholy. What began as a means of protecting first-party titles has progressed into backroom negotiations between console owners and third-party studios. Mergers and acquisitions also continue to exacerbate the situation. In the end, the video game community suffers as studios pursue exclusivity for corporate gain. While this approach temporarily increases

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Persona 4 Golden – Surprise Release on Steam

Battles between the top three console owners remain fiercely competitive. The fight for exclusivity often determines who “wins” a console generation; therefore, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo vehemently protect intellectual property rights. While third-party developers continue to negotiate restricted deals with the “Big 3”, PC gaming is becoming less of a competitive threat. On Saturday, the Sega subsidiary Atlus further proved

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