Persona 4 Golden – Surprise Release on Steam

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Battles between the top three console owners remain fiercely competitive. The fight for exclusivity often determines who “wins” a console generation; therefore, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo vehemently protect intellectual property rights. While third-party developers continue to negotiate restricted deals with the “Big 3”, PC gaming is becoming less of a competitive threat. On Saturday, the Sega subsidiary Atlus further proved this position by releasing Persona 4 Golden on Steam. Let’s dive in.

Enemy of My Enemy

Perhaps no company is more protective of console exclusivity than Sony. While Xbox continues to embrace the PC gaming community through crossplay, PlayStation remains hesitant to sell its first-party games on Steam. Even third-party developers, who maintain close relationships with sony, are hesitant to sell games on Steam or the Epic Games Store. Until now.

In a surprising twist of events, renowned JRPG studio Atlus dropped Persona 4 Golden on Steam. Only the second game ever released by Atlus on PC, P4G took the Internet by storm. As gamers flocked to the online marketplace, the critically acclaimed 2008 title quickly rose to the top of the global Steam charts within the first 30 minutes and started trending #3 overall on Twitter.

Perhaps the best part of the reveal is the price and additional content. For $19.99, players can buy the Persona 4 Golden standard edition, which comes with all the new content released for the PS Vita version. However, for just $5 more fans can purchase the Persona 4 Golden Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes a digital artbook and soundtrack. Finally, both versions include Japanese and English subtitles and interfaces.


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