Next Smash Ultimate Character Revealed June 22

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Nearly three months have passed since Nintendo announced that the next Super Smash Bros. Ulitmate DLC character is from the Arms series. During the March Nintendo Direct Mini, Sakurai promised that the Smash character would release in June. But Nintendo has remained silent. Until now. In a surprise tweet on Friday, Nintendo announced that the wait is finally over. Let’s dive in.

An Arms Race

Over the last few weeks, Sony and Microsoft revealed a host of new games as well as next-generation hardware. Meanwhile, Nintendo has been oddly silent. Until now. With the Pokemon Presents video earlier in the week, fans of the hybrid console are slowly receiving information on Nintendo’s fall and winter lineup. On Friday, Sakurai joined the fray by announcing the reveal for the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character.

Nintendo will stream the event live from its Twitch and YouTube channels on June 22nd at 10 a.m. EST. The presentation will last approximately 35 minutes, and sources indicate that Sakurai will provide an in-depth demonstration of the fighter’s moves as well as new music and possibly a new stage. Nintendo also mentioned that the presentation will not include information on future Smash Ultimate DLC characters.

Speculation abounds with respect to whom Sakurai will reveal as the Arms character. While Min Min and Springman are fan-favorites, the community would also enjoy representation from Twintelle or Ribbon Girl. Thankfully, the Smash community will only have to wait a few more days to find out.


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