The Next Call of Duty Black Ops Teased By Warzone Vaults

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The video game industry is not shy about remastering older titles. Quite the contrary. In fact, fan communities are often vocal in their demands for developers to remake nostalgic titles. With iconic titles, such as Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 3, already releasing in early 2020, another popular company is leaning into remasters. With MW2 released in March and MW3 rumored for this summer, remakes appear to be Activision’s business model for 2020. But on Wednesday, Eurogamer confirmed a rumor for the next Call of Duty mainline game, and it is not a remake. According to the details, the next Call of Duty game is a return to the Black Ops series. Let’s dive in.

Some Dishes are Best Served Cold

In a recent update to Warzone, Activision scattered a series of easter eggs and teasers throughout the world. Most notably, fans are now able to access Vaults with Key Cards. Once inside, the community began making startling discoveries: telephones with Russian dialogue, nuclear warheads, and other Cold War items.

This mind-boggling revelation caused quite the stir among diehard Call of Duty players. With Modern Warfare receiving a soft reboot at the end of 2019, it is surprising that Activision seems to be doing the same with the Black Ops series. A return would be the fifth installment in the series and perhaps a return to glory. Finally, notable Call of Duty follower Okami leaked the name of the next potential Black Ops game.


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