Monster Hunter World Iceborne Delays Alatreon Release

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As companies continues to update internal processes in response to the coronavirus pandemic, game studios are struggling with development cycles. In an industry dependent upon close collaboration, the telework environment is proving to be a challenge. Several industry leaders, such as Square Enix, CD Projeckt Red, and Naughty Dog, have delayed highly anticipated games. On Tuesday, Capcom joined the fray by delaying a DLC update for one of its most important franchises: Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Call of the Wild

Capcom released its Iceborne expansion in the fall of 2019; however, the Japanese developer periodically adds new monsters and content. While most of the recent delays center around single-player experiences, Capcom’s announcement is the first major delay for an online multiplayer expansion. Originally scheduled to release next month, Iceborne’s Alatreon DLC was highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. But on Tuesday, Capcom revealed the following news:

Not only is Capcom delaying the Alatreon release, but the company is also modifying its localization schedule. Through “simplified recordings”, Capcom is attempting to expedite the next Iceborne expansion at the expense of certain customer experiences. But is this the correct move?

Below the Surface

As the staff at GamingROI dug into the global DLC numbers for 2019, we uncovered many shocking discoveries. Critics praised the Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC, and the expansion pass sold over 5 million copies. However, it did not match up to other multiplayer experiences. In fact, the game performed poorly in comparison to other franchises.

Statistica Survey, 2019 DLC

While it is no surprise that traditional online games, such as Fortnite and League of Legends, are popular DLC purchases, it is shocking that Iceborne did not sell as well as other single player experiences like Super Smash Bros Ultimate. According to Capcom, only five million players purchased the Iceborne expansion in 2019. Given that the game sold over 15 million copies, this 33 percent attach rate is low for a service game. So far, the previous three updates have failed to lure new players. Even a recent 25 percent price reduction from Sony is proving unattractive. If Capcom wants to continue releasing new Monster Hunter World content, it needs to entice more players to buy its expansion passes. Alatreon appears to be a worthy adversary, but can the new trailer sell more DLC packs? The GamingROI staff is skeptical.


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