Ghost of Tsushima Release Date Delayed Until July 17

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The fallout from the Last of Us Part 2 leak rages on. While fans of the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima game were ecstatic over the latest story trailer, the startling leaks from a Naughty Dog employee are now affecting Sucker Punch Productions. On Monday, Sony revealed troubling news for fans of its upcoming open-world shinobi game: PlayStation is delaying the Ghost of Tsushima release date until July 17.

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Although touted as a positive news story, Sony’s latest blog post did not please Ghost of Tsushima fans. While Sony originally planned a June 26 release, today’s Naughty Dog leak forced the company to alter its summer schedule. But instead of keeping the same release date, Sony made the difficult choice of delaying Ghost of Tsushima.

As we begin to see an ease in the global distribution environment, I am pleased to confirm that The Last of Us Part II will arrive on June 19. And Ghost of Tsushima will follow on July 17

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The question remains: Why should fans of Sucker Punch Productions pay for Naughty Dog’s mistake?

While the delay affords Sucker Punch an additional three weeks to put the finishing touches on an ambitious new franchise, it is odd that Sony did not give Naughty Dog more time to complete The Last of Us Part 2. Will Naughty Dog employees have to crunch harder to meet this new deadline? If not, then why did Sony delay the game in the first place? So many questions remain unanswered. Given the large PlayStation 4 install base, Sony will likely never respond. However, we do applaud the company for taking swift action to control a less than desirable situation. But in the end who will end up suffering more: Naughty Dog employees or fans of Sony’s first-party games?


While Sucker Punch Productions is taking a chance by introducing a new IP in the midst of a global pandemic, Ghost of Tsushima appears to be an appropriate “swan-song” for the PlayStation 4. Although the Naughty Dog leak is wreaking havoc across Sony’s first-party studios, Sucker Punch and its fans ought to remain positive. The community is ecstatic for an open-world shinobi experience, and the game could become one of the best-selling titles of 2020.

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