My Nintendo Rewards Are Now Surprisingly Good

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In recent times, rewards systems have inundated the retail industry. From in-store credit and discounts to points systems and memberships, stores have employed an abundance of rewards systems to increase customer involvement. While this approach is commonplace for brick-and-mortar outlets, the video game industry been slow to adopt rewards systems. Gamestop’s PowerUp program is currently the industry standard; however, Nintendo has recently upgraded its own My Nintendo rewards strategy to include physical prizes. Let’s dive in.

A Collector’s Paradise

For as long as anyone can remember, mediocre digital rewards plagued the My Nintendo website. The 30 percent discounts on inferior Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles as well as lackluster smartphone wallpapers were not enough to entice players to care about the program. Recognizing that the company needed a new strategy, Nintendo recently overhauled the program to include physical rewards. On the surface, these changes might seem trifle; however, Nintendo fans have responded with enthusiasm. Listed below are examples of the physical rewards:

While the selection of rewards is nostalgic, the choices are rather curious. Instead of promoting iconic games, such as Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. or Breath of the Wild, Nintendo is promoting lesser-known franchises. Paper Mario, Pikmin 3, and Xenoblade Chronicles currently dominate the Nintendo store rewards page. Although each title has sold well in 2020, the cross-promotional efforts are attempting to increase sales and expand fan bases.

But selling more Nintendo Switch games is not the only goal of the My Nintendo rewards program. Nintendo has struggled mightily to gain a foothold in the mobile gaming market, and the changes to the My Nintendo program are attempting to push players towards Nintendo’s mobile games.

Mobile Madness

Nintendo players must redeem My Nintendo Platinum Points to earn physical rewards, and the primary vehicle for earning Platinum Points is to complete missions. Specific portions of the Nintendo website offer point-and-click missions to review content; however the most expeditious method is to play Nintendo’s mobile games. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Super Mario Run offer weekly challenges that players can complete to earn Platinum Points. Most challenges offer between 50 to 100 points, but players can quickly earn 300 points by linking social media accounts. Click here for a full list of the Platinum Point missions.

Has Nintendo’s new strategy increased revenue for its mobile games? Not exactly. According to Sensor Tower, the category ranking for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem remains mediocre, but the future might be trending upward. Both games are routinely on the list of Top-200 grossing iPhone games in 2020, but each achieved its annual high over the last four weeks. While we remain skeptical, the staff at GamingROI will continue to monitor Nintendo’s analytics for success in the new year.


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