Nintendo Doesn’t Need a Switch Pro Thanks to the Cloud

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Despite unprecedented levels of success, the Nintendo Switch is underpowered in comparison to PlayStation and Xbox. While Nintendo has optimized most first-party offerings, third-party developers have struggled with performance issues on the hybrid console. The result is a library graphically inferior games that cannot achieve the most basic level of HD quality at 720p. As Sony and Microsoft prepare to launch next-generation hardware, the performance gap between Nintendo and its competitors will become even more pronounced. Consequently, rumors are circulating about a Nintendo Switch pro model in 2021. However, after the latest Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, the company could be adopting a different approach. Let’s dive in.

In Complete Control

Although the Nintendo Switch does not lack for first-party support, the industry has not supported the hybrid console on the same level as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Triple-A developers have been hesitant to release their best games on Nintendo platforms, and most have chosen to port titles from the last console generation. As a result, industry critics have speculated that Nintendo should release an upgraded Switch model in 2021. While this approach would bring the Switch closer to Sony and Microsoft in terms of performance, Nintendo appears to have other plans.

During the latest Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Nintendo unexpectedly announced ports of Control and Hitman 3 for the Switch. Fans expected a graphically inferior experience; however, Nintendo presented beautiful and flawless trailers. How could the Nintendo Switch run two of the most graphically intensive games for this current generation of hardware? The answer is both elegant and simple: the cloud.

Thanks to the power of the cloud, Control and Hitman do not need to rely on the Switch’s processing power. Instead, graphics and performance are dependent upon the speed of the user’s Internet connection. So long as players live in a region with relatively fast and stable Internet speeds, the Nintendo Switch can achieve similar performance to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Our friends at SwitchForce tested the demo version of Control on the Nintendo Switch. While Zach needed to adjust the settings, the graphical fidelity and overall performance is extraordinary. The game appears to run at a stable 30fps and the resolution seems to be around 1080p. Although most players might not have access to 100mbps download speeds, most sites recommend 35-50mbps to achieve similar optimal performance. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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