Zelda Skyward Sword Won’t Work on the Nintendo Switch

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While Nintendo’s lineup for the remainder of 2020 remains a mystery, rumors involving the company’s most prominent franchises abound. From speculation regarding the 35th anniversary of the Mario series to the presumed Metroid Prime HD collection, fans continue to induce theories regarding Nintendo’s future. Another rumor circulated the Internet on Sunday by way of a surprising Amazon UK listing. According to the reports, the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. On the surface, the rumors appear legitimate, but a Skyward Sword release could be challenging. Let’s dive in.

A Difficult Motion to Control

In a surprising entry on the Amazon UK website, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword became momentarily available for pre-order. Retailing for 69.99 euros, the 2011 Wii title immediately set Twitter ablaze by trending worldwide. As fans hypothesized about the possible release, most news outlets chose to focus on the authenticity of the listing.

However, the prospect of a Skyward Sword port to the Nintendo Switch might be more difficult than expected. The original gameplay revolved exclusively around the Nintendo Wii’s precise motion control technology. Mechanics, such as enemy behavior and attack patterns, required players to use the Wii Remote to swing the Master Sword at specific angles. Although the Nintendo Switch features a curtailed version of motion control technology, the success has been erratic.

  • The World Ends With You is one of the few games to rely exclusively on the joy-con pointer. Due to the fickle motion controls, the game is nearly unplayable in docked-mode; therefore, fans have opted to play in handheld mode by using the touchscreen.
  • ARMS also utilizes motion controls; however, the response time is wildly inconsistent. Therefore, most players chose to use a standard controller.

While smooth gyro controls are a staple of the Nintendo Switch controllers, precise motion control inputs are lacking in comparison to the Nintendo Wii Remote.

A Complete Overhaul

Although a complete gameplay overhaul of Skyward Sword is highly unlikely, Nintendo must take several factors into consideration:

  • The increasing number of Nintendo Switch Lite users suggests that the port must be playable in handheld mode. This paradigm suggests that gyro controls remain a viable option; however, Nintendo must completely overhaul the motion controls to increase accessibility.
  • Skyward Sword features several of the most iconic boss fights in Zelda history, and the encounters focus on precise sword angles using the Wii Remote’s motion control technology. If Nintendo chooses to forego motion controls, the Zelda team must redesign every boss and enemy battle.
  • Gyro controls remain a feasible possibility, but Nintendo must carefully select the gameplay mechanics to augment. Aiming certain weapons, such as the Beetle and Slingshot, allow for a seamless transition to gyro mechanics. But other items, such as the Whip and Bombs, are more suitable for traditional controls.

Overhauling gameplay mechanics is a costly endeavor; however, Nintendo has few options concerning a Skyward Sword port to the Nintendo Switch. Considering that the 2019 remaster of Link’s Awakening sold over 4 million units worldwide, a Skyward Sword release could easily surpass the Wii’s lifetime sales of 3.5 million units. The question that remains is how much time and money Nintendo is willing to put into the project.


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