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Ownership of intellectual property remains a convoluted matter in the video game industry. Many popular franchises remain locked behind legalities and rights while others are held by struggling or dying companies. When several companies collaborate on a project, the complexity only increases. But on Tuesday, struggling publisher Konami revealed an unlikely crossover: the survivor horror game Dead by Daylight will feature Silent Hill characters in a June update.

Not Quite What Fans Expected

Perhaps no other company has fumbled more video game series than Konami. Known for iconic franchises, such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania, the Japanese conglomerate has arguably not published a relevant title since the mid 2000s. While the company continues to push retro collections on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms, fans want more. A lot more. But an unlikely partnership might be what Konami needs to jumpstart a dead franchise.

On Tuesday, Konami announced that it had partnered with Behaviour Interactive for exclusive Silent Hill content in a future Dead by Daylight game update. The update releases in June for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Windows. Here is a list of the upcoming content:

  • A New Killer – The Executioner
  • A New Survivor – Cheryl Mason
  • New Map – Midwich Elementary School

While fans continue to wait for a proper installment in the Silent Hill series, a drip feed of crossover content might rejuvenate the community. If nothing else, the exposure should increase the visibility of the series for potential acquisition by Sony. Regardless of Konami’s motivation, fans of the Silent Hill games deserve more.


As Konami continues its downward spiral, a host of games remain locked behind an intellectual property wall. Fan frustration is ongoing, and the industry is clamoring for sequels and remasters. While Silent Hill fans might not endorse the partnership between Konami and Behaviour Interactive, it is a step in the right direction.

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