New Valorant Maps & Modes – Release Date June 2nd

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The world of competitive online battle royale games has a riveting history. While most players cut their teeth on Counter Striker, it was not until PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that the genre became mainstream. When PUBG exploded onto the scene in 2017, the world was taken by store. In just three short years, multiple companies released their own titles to include Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Paladins, and others. But as the decade turned to 2020, Riot Games took the world by storm with its release of Valorant. Now the LA studio has an exciting announcement: new Valorant maps and modes have a confirmed release date of June 2nd.

It’s Going to be a Riot

Riot Games released Valorant as a closed beta in North America and Europe on April 7th and soon broadened its test into parts of South America as well as South Korea. Now six weeks into its beta test, Riot has yet another exciting announcement: Valorant is coming to Japan along with a host of new content, such as maps, modes, and new characters. Here is the full list of upcoming Valorant news:

  • Riot will officially be closing the beta on May 28th. At that time, the game will reset every player’s progress so that the entire community will begin on the same playing field.
  • To compensate for the expended increase in players, Riot is installing new servers around the world. Cities include Atlanta, London, Dallas, and several others.
  • The confirmed Valorant release date is June 2nd. At launch, the game will receive new maps, characters, and modes.
  • To celebrate the game’s release, Japan and South Korea are holding a special “Valorant Super Match” from May 23 to May 24. Check out the details below.


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