PS4 Pro Limited Edition – The Last of Us Part II Announced

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As the PlayStation 4 inches closer towards the upper echelons of the industry’s best-selling hardware, Sony has one last surprise in store for its lame-duck console. On Tuesday, the video game giant announced that it was releasing one more PS4 Pro limited edition on June 19th. And this time it looks as though Sony saved its best for last.

A Perfect Swan Song

As the current generation of console hardware approaches its conclusion, the PlayStation 4 leaves behind a legacy of unrivalled dominance. With sales that currently triple that of the Xbox One and double that of the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 defined console gaming over the last six years. While the Sony community anxiously awaits the release of PlayStation 5 this fall, the iconic entertainment corporation has one final trick up its sleeve: a limited edition PS4 featuring The Last of Us Part II.

The console releases on June 19th alongside The Last of Us Part II and features a beautiful fern, which mirrors Ellie’s tattoo. In addition, the DUALSHOCK 4 also has a fern branch elegantly overlaid on the right controller handle and TLOU logo on the OLED screen. Preorders are now available here on the PlayStation website for $399.99 USD.


But we want to know what you think. Will you buy the PS4 Pro limited edition model featuring The Last of Us Part II? Or will you wait until the PS5 launches this fall? Finally, what do you think about how Naughty Dog has handled the development cycle? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. 

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  • I’m still looking to presign up for a PS5 but WHERE?? I’m stuck in Asia still looking!!!!!

  • I don’t have any console i like gaming so much but I can’t afford a ps4 hope to get it one day but I don’t think so not any time soon can u give me a one ps4 I know its not going to happen but if its happen contact me on thats all thanks u

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