Paper Mario – The Origami King Release Date & Analysis

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It is no secret that Nintendo has struggled in recent years with the Paper Mario franchise. In search for the same magic and charm of The Thousand-Year Door, Nintendo blundered the likes of Sticker Star and Color Splash with boring characters, cryptic battle systems, and futile storylines. But can longtime series producer Kensuke Tanabe rekindle the flattened plumber’s flames? Switch owners will be happy to learn that Nintendo plans on doing just that by releasing Paper Mario The Origami King on July 17, 2020.

A New Wrinkle

When Nintendo announced that it had no plans for a June Direct, fans became skeptical of the company’s upcoming release schedule. But in a surprise trailer reveal, the beloved company restored faith it the hybrid-console community. While Mario role-playing games have not fared well in recent times, the two-minute trailer for Paper Mario The Origami King has the staff at GamingROI intrigued. Let’s dive in.


The Mushroom Kingdom has been invaded by an origami menace, King Olly. This crafty folder lays waste to Bowser’s minions and molds his allies into three-dimensional foes. Able to command the power of construction paper at will, Olly cloaks Princess Peach’s entire castle in a colorful array. As Mario attempts to escape the brilliant weave, he is saved by the most unlikely of characters: Bowser and Sky Guy driving a Koopa Clown Car. Our favorite Italian plumber then teams up with his archenemy and King Olly’s sister to save the day.


Although the trailer is only two minutes long, the video is packed with revelations.

  • The game appears to employ a hub world comprised of six warp pipes. When Mario jumps down these tunnels, he can traverse vast and wide-open plains.
  • In addition to a semi-open world approach, it appear as though Mario can drive many vehicles. From a boat to an ATV, our favorite red plumber has many options at his disposal.
  • Perhaps the most interesting discovery is Mario’s allies. Normally backed by an army of Toads, the trailer showcased Mario enjoying light conversation with the likes of Bowser Jr, Magikoopa, Bomb-omb and others.
  • Finally, Mario is equipped with the new 1,000-fold arms ability. By extending his limbs, Mario can fold his cardboard and paper environment to solve puzzles and reach new areas.

Battle System

Although the story and characters are intriguing, the battle system is where the game shines. While a grid-based system is nothing new, a circular battle screen is captivating.

  • The circular battle system is the soul of the new game. Mario’s enemies will encompass him on a 12×4 circular grid. But ever the intuitive hero, Mario can rotate the segments of the circle to line enemies in a row. By completing a full line of four enemies, Mario’s attach power is raised by 1.5X.
  • In the lone battle scene, a timer is present in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. It appears as though Mario will need to make snap decisions during battle. But have no fear: players can use coins to buy more time.
  • The final mystery is Mario’s method of attack. We can see him utilizing a shiny boot to attack multiple enemies. However, it is unclear how the menu options work. Our hope is that the game will employ weapons that can be equipped as opposed to the card-based mechanics from Sticker Star and Color Splash.


Exploration, an unlikely cast of characters, and a captivating story made The Thousand Year Door special. After analyzing the trailer, Paper Mario The Origami King seems poised to recapture the magic of the GameCube Classic.

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