Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 – Limited Time Golden Offer

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Special events and exclusive rewards are nothing new to the service games. From Bungie’s hardcore Destiny franchise to Nintendo’s relaxing Animal Crossing series, limited time offers take on all shapes and forms. But perhaps no franchise relies on seasonal updates more than Activision Blizzard. In a surprising return to a Modern Warfare 3 mechanic, Call of Duty Mobile revealed a staggering twist for its sixth season: Gold Bars. Let’s dive in.

A “Killer” (Confirmed) Gold Rush

Thanks to the power of modern innovation, fans can play the Call of Duty franchise on almost any device. But perhaps the fastest growing CoD game is its mobile release. Now in its sixth season, Call of Duty Mobile has a special event in store for its most diehard fans. The Gold Rush event is an exclusive limited-time offer that players can access in both multiplayer and Battle Royale modens. And trust us. The rewards are epic and include brand new weapons. The Gold Rush mode is dubbed “Kill Confirmed” and can be accessed in the following maps/modes:

  • Standoff, Crash, Raid, Summit, Cage, Takeoff, Meltdown, and Rush
  • A maximum of two team can enter the lobby with a maximum of five players.
  • Custom loadouts can be used.

The goal is to snipe the opposing team and exchange dog tags for gold bars. As players collect more tags, they can exchange these rewards for stashes of Gold Bars. This in-game loot can be exchanged for new weapons and other exclusive loot.

Activision Tips and Tricks

To help players achieve their full potential, Activision Blizzard posted the following tips for maximizing your opportunities:

  1. Follow up by collecting dog tags after each kill.
  2. Be more aggressive than normal but do not get careless.
  3. If your teammate is KIA, be sure to collect their tags before the enemy has the opportunity.
  4. Use your KIA partner’s dog tags as a trap. While an enemy is collecting your friend’s reward, take them out and collect both your friend and enemy’s reward.
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work.


But we want to know what you think. Are you excited for Call of Duty Mobile season 6? Will you participate in the Gold Rush event? Which reward are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. Also, be sure to check out our other news items on Final Fantasy VII RemakeAnimal CrossingModern Warfare, and more.

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