Halo 2 Anniversary – Secret Xbox and PC Reveal

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For independent developers, the opportunity to release games on multiple platforms is often a luxury. But for established “Triple-A” studios, the decision of whether to provide exclusivity to a particular console is difficult. While each segment of the industry has its challenges, perhaps none is more pronounced than the first-party community. While Nintendo and Sony remain vigilant on the exclusivity of their intellectual property, Microsoft has proven to be more relaxed. With multiple titles on the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft is more concerned with sales volume than right of use. On Tuesday, the Xbox owner revealed that it was sharing yet another first-party title when it announced that Halo 2 Anniversary is coming to PC and Steam on May 12th.

A Phased Approach

While Master Chief fans are excited for the release of Halo 2 Anniversary on Steam and PC next week, Microsoft’s approach is rather odd. Instead of releasing the entire Master Chief Collection at one time, Microsoft is adopting a phased approach. The Xbox owner released Halo: Reach last December and Halo Combat Evolved this past March. With the upcoming Halo 2 Anniversary release next week, the Cortona collaborator will officially have one-half of its Halo collection on PC and Steam. But why is Microsoft phasing its cross-platform strategy? The secret could lie in the details.

Steam currently is listing the entire Master Chief Collection for sale at $39.99. Although fans can only download Halo Reach and Halo CE at the moment, they automatically receive any new updates to the collection. While this strategy benefits diehard Halo fans, the casual player might have an affinity for a specific game. Whereas some would forego paying $39.99 for an entire collection, fans have the option of buying individual favorites for $9.99. This dual-pricing strategy gives players the option to buy one game while also providing value for those who wish to experience the entire collection.

Considering that Microsoft gaming continues to struggle, the Xbox owner likely hopes for a rebound in late 2020. With a brand new console generation on the way, it will be interesting to see how long Halo Infinite remains an Xbox Series X exclusive. If Microsoft continues to hemorrhage money in the gaming department, it might not be long.


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