Nintendo Nerfs Animal Crossing Time Travel To Stop Ebay?

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Video games and credible journalism have a troubled history. While most respected media outlets feature a variety of industries on their front pages, critics continue to reserve the latter sections for the video game segments. Despite being larger than music and movies combined, the video game industry remains locked in an era defined by false perception. But one respected outlet is working to break new ground. Last week, the respected UK newspaper, The Financial Times, featured one of 2020’s most successful releases on its front page: Animal Crossing New Horizons. Yet the prestigious attention had little to do with the games success. Instead, journalist Leo Lewis featured startling news for those who profit by using time travel in Animal Crossing. Let’s dive in.

Slashing Rates

It is no secret that Animal Crossing fans despise the game’s crafty tanuki Tom Nook. Known for excessive construction prices, Nook has savily accumulated quite the fortune. But in Nintendo’s latest April 23rd update, the company attempted to nerf one of the most exploited glitches in the game: time travel. Here’s how.

Last month, GamingROI produced an article that illuminated how players were using Ebay to sell excessive amounts of bells. Needing over five (5) million bells for housing upgrades alone, Animal Crossing newbies flocked to the online garage-sale platform to procure vast amounts of in-game wealth with real-life currency. While sellers likely used a variety of methods, the fastest means by which to earn bells is through the bank’s interest system. Until the April update, players could earn 0.5% per month by depositing bells into the bank. The result is that a one-million bell deposit yields almost 60,000 bells within a year. But there is a caveat.

Players began conducting what is call the Animal Crossing time travel cheat. By changing the Nintendo Switch’s internal calendar, players could “fast-forward” several years into the future. This resulted in significant interest earned for bells stored in the game’s internal bank. With a few simple button clicks, players could walk away with vast amounts of wealth.

But players used that feature to earn actual wealth in real life. As previously reported, gamers sold 12 million bells for approximately $19.99 in real-life currency. These Ebay offers yielded hundreds of views and sales per hour; however, Nintendo’s update will make accumulating bells even harder. Instead of earning 0.5% interest, players will now earn only 0.05% interest. This makes accumulating bells 10 times more difficult. The staff at GamingROI will continue to monitor auction sites, but the availability of online bells will likely decrease. We recommend catching a few tarantulas or planting some money trees for those players who are desperate for cash.


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