New Ubisoft Movie – Senior Citizens and eSports?

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  • Ubisoft has partnered with a group of Amy Schumer writers to create a movie based on a group of senior citizen esports players
  • The movie will cover a senior citizen esports team called The Silver Snipers

Movie adaptations of video game franchises have produced mixed results. While a select few have achieve critical acclaim, such as the Resident Evil series, others have struggled to resonate with fans. With Capcom recently announcing a movie version of Monster Hunter, another popular video game studio has joined the fray. Last week, Ubisoft announced a new documentary movie featuring an unlikely band of esports players.

Respect Your Elders

Let’s face it: Counter Strike Global Offensive is not for the faint of heart. Commonly referred to as CS:GO, the game is a renowned fan adaptation of the popular Half-Life franchise from Valve. CS:GO is widely heralded as the “Godfather” of the eSports community and features precision aiming, rapid reflexes, and cohesive team play. Even the slightest of mistakes can cost the most veteran team a victory.

Meet the Silver Snipers. This bizarre group of five video game players more closely resembles a biker club than an esports team. Nevertheless, each has two things in common: a love of first-person shooters and an age that exceeds six decades. Yes, that is right. All five members are over the age of 60 and each has an affinity for playing Counter Strike. But it was not always this way.

As a recent retiree, Monica Idenfors struggled to fill her days with purpose. When browsing the local newspaper one day, she stumbled upon an unusual advertisement. The classified ad called for senior citizens who were interested in playing video games. Excited about the prospect of venturing into an unknown realm with people her own age, Monica took the plunge and the Silver Snipers were born.

The Road Less Traveled

With only three weeks until their first event, none of the Silver Snipers had ever played Counter Strike let alone competed in a video game tournament. Ranging from ages 62 to 81, the team of five slowly began to piece together a beginner strategy. “Knitting Knight” learned techniques for aiming while “Berra-Bang” discovered how to properly identify the opposing team’s players. Knowing that they would be playing against a much younger and experienced community of players, the Silver Strikers had one goal in mind: to show the world that esports is for everyone, regardless of age.

Needless to say, the team’s first event did not work out so well. While they managed to win a single match, the antiquated group of five lost both of their opening matches. Although dominated by a much younger demographic, the team did not lose hope. In fact, the Silver Sniper’s efforts earned them a valuable sponsorship opportunity with the Chinese technology company Levono.

A Documented History

The unlikely team of Swedish esports players continues to train. While their efforts have not yielded the same level of success as other teams, the group has discovered a positive outlet for their free time. As the younger generation remains anxious and worrisome over online gaming success, the Silver Snipers have discovered a form of serenity in competition.

When a group of Ubisoft employees stumbled upon this unique story, they immediately envisioned a novel or movie. Settling on the latter, the popular video game developer greenlit a documentary on the Silver Sniper’s road to esports prominence. While the release date is still pending, fans of Counter Strike and esports will not want to miss this unparalleled story.


Although movie adaptations have produced mixed results, we are excited about Ubisoft’s next movie project. A documentary featuring a unique group esports players could prove transformational in broadening fans’ perspective on the video game industry.

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