Monster Hunter Movie Revealed, Releasing September 4th

monster hunter movie announced by Capcom
  • Capcom revealed a live-action Monster Hunter movie
  • The film will star Resident Evil series icon Milla Jovovich
  • Industry icon Paul W.S. Anderson will direct the movie

Last year, Detective Pikachu reignited the video game movie genre. As Pokemon fans rallied around the live-action film, the industry also rewarded Sonic fans with the recent release of Sonic the Hedgehog. Now another video game company is planning to join the party with one of its biggest franchises. On Saturday, Capcom announced that a live-action Monster Hunter movie will release in Japan and the United States on September 4th.

The Next Big Movie Franchise?

It is no secret that Monster Hunter is one of the most popular video games in the market. With the recent release of the DLC pack “Iceborne”, Monster Hunter World is the series best-selling game with over 15 million copies sold. Naturally, Capcom is hoping to capitalize on the series’ success by taking the game to the big screen. Fans should be excited because Capcom is placing the Monster Hunter movie in the hands of a pair of industry icons.

Capcom hired Paul W.S. Anderson to direct the new movie, and Milla Jovovich will star as the movie’s protagonist. Both played an integral role in the success of another video game movie series: Resident Evil. Jovovich starred in all six films to date with Anderson serving as both the director and screenwriter. The series has grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide and remains one of the most popular video game film adaptations.

Now Anderson and Jovovich are hoping to bring that same success over to the Monster Hunter series. While the Resident Evil series had a baseline plot from the video games, Monster Hunter is a little more open and nuanced. The opening plot of the movie finds Jovovich scouting in a desert sandstorm only to find herself transported to a new world. Little is known other than the environment appears harsh and unforgiving. Anderson will have his work cut out for him to create both a compelling plot as well as the potential for multiple sequels. Given his fruitful history, fans should be excited about the release on September 4th.


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