Resident Evil 4 Remake in Development for 2022 (Rumor)

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There was a time that companies would not consider remaking classic video games. Although the 16-bit and 64-bit eras produced some of the industry’s most iconic titles, developers typically viewed remakes as a risky endeavor. Until now. With Square Enix recently bucking the trend with Final Fantasy VII Remake, companies are realizing the profitability of their back catalog of games. On Easter Sunday, sources close to VGC revealed another blockbuster title joining the fray: Resident Evil 4 remake.

No More Sacred Cows

Capcom has had its fair share of “ups and downs” as it pertains to video game remakes. Although the industry praised the Resident Evil 2 remake, reviews of Resident Evil 3 continue to be mixed. While the gameplay mechanics are some of the best in the series, fans loathe the excluded content from RE3. With the mixed results, it seemed unlikely that Capcom would remake another Resident Evil title.

But on Sunday, the Video Game Chronicles revealed that Capcom not only planned to remake another title in the Resident Evil series but also greenlit development of the most successful game in the franchise: Resident Evil 4.

Dusting Off the Bookcase

According to VCG, Capcom is outsourcing development to Tatsuya Minami’s new M-Two studio. While Resident Evil 4 changed the direction of the series towards more of a third-person shooter, the selection of Minami to lead the remake is curious. The PlatinumGames founder is no stranger to action games, such as the Bayonetta series. But Minami’s experience with precision third-person shooters is minimal at best.

With Square Enix raising the bar with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Capcom would be wise to take its time with Resident Evil 4. Upgraded graphics and smoother controls might not be enough to justify the remake. Unlike RE3, Capcom will not escape criticism if it removes content from RE4. In fact, the community expects Capcom to embellish on the plot and lore surrounding Leon.

Improving a Legacy

Just how popular was Resident Evil 4? Here are a few statistics that will bring the game’s popularity into perspective:

  • Resident Evil 4 is the highest-rated game in the series on Metacritic with scores of 96 on Gamecube and PlayStation 2.
  • The game is the best-selling in the series with over 7.5 million units sold across all platforms.
  • Critics document the game as one of the most influential of the early 2000s. It became the standard for the third-person action genre and served as a template for titles such as the Fallout, Uncharted, and Mass Effect series.


With Capcom still reeling from the backlash surrounding the Resident Evil 3 remake, fans had little hope for a remake of Resident Evil 4. Although remaking a beloved game is difficult, modern examples, such as Final Fantasy VII, have proven that it can be successful. Perhaps Capcom can learn from its mistakes and surprise the community with a proper remake of one of its most important franchises.

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