Call of Duty Mobile Wins 2019 Mobile Game of the Year

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  • Over 150 million people have downloaded Call of Duty Mobile
  • Despite launching in October, the game was in the Top 15 of highest grossing mobile games in the United States for 2019

As fans sit back and reminisce on 2019, the best way to describe Activision Blizzard is that of a rollercoaster. From the CoD World League broadcasting exclusively on YouTube to the debacle of microtransactions in Diablo 4, Activision has had an up-and-down year. Despite the challenges, the company successfully entered and dominated the mobile market in 2019 with Call of Duty Mobile.

Mobile Madness

Activision released its fourth quarter results on Friday, and the news could not be any better for the Call of Duty franchise. While Modern Warfare 2019 outpaced Black Ops IIII by nearly 50 percent, Call of Duty Mobile produced the most impressive results. Despite launching in October 2019, CoD Mobile far outpaced investor expectations. Here are a few of the accolades from 2019:

  • Overall installs exceeded 150 million downloads from over 150 countries worldwide.
  • CoD Mobile ended 2019 as one of the top-grossing mobile games for the western market.
  • The game won Google’s Game of the Year for Android users

While we do not know how much revenue CoD Mobile generated for Activision, we can safely assume that it is significant. Activision dedicated a large portion of its investor presentation on mobile gaming, and CoD Mobile was on the forefront.

\While 150 million downloads is a solid start, the game has an uphill climb to reach the likes of Candy Crush and Subway Surfers. So long as Activision continues to invest in the franchise, CoD Mobile should continue to experience positive results.


While CoD Mobile might never reach the heights of the mainline series, the game has a strong future in the mobile community. While it has a long way to go to surpass the likes of Subway Surfers, CoD Mobile has the potential to reach one billion downloads.

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