Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Falls Short of Last Year

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Speed running remains one of the most popular categories on Twitch and YouTube. From classic games, such as Super Mario Bros., to modern-day hits, like Dark Souls, fans enjoy watching players complete games in the least amount of time possible. In response to the fandom, the speed running community has bonded together to promote charity work. The benchmark in speed running charity work remains the semi-annual Games Done Quick events. Despite the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 accomplished a monumental feat. While the performance was astonishing, the event fell just short of last year’s metrics. Let’s dive in.

Against All Odds

Prior to the global pandemic, Games Done Quick events were breaking new ground. Average donations were exceeding $60, and the total number of donors was approaching 40,000. The culmination of these metrics resulted in a week-long event that raised over $3,000,000 for charity. Summer Games Done Quick 2019 and Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 accomplished this feat.

Then the global pandemic struck, and the metrics began to plummet. Despite a valiant effort, Summer Games Done Quick 2020 was a monumental setback for the community. Housing the speed runners in a single location proved ominous during the pandemic, and the metrics for the event receded. Total number of donors fell to 20,000, and the overall donation totals decreased by 23 percent. The organization was in dire need of a transformation.

The organizers responded by shifting Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 to a completely online event. While the logistics proved challenging, the speed running community adapted and completed 157 games in just seven days. Fans of the event responded with increased donations that totaled 15 percent higher than last summer’s marathon.

Although AGDQ 2021 still fell short of its pre-pandemic metrics, the organizers have grown through the online experience. As the world continues to heal, the summertime Games Done Quick event could push the charitable work to new heights. Regardless of the outcome, the community remains focused on providing a positive outlet for video game streaming.


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