KFC Console – Xbox & PS5 Have An Exciting New Rival

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As if the year 2020 was not awkward enough, a new rival has entered the video game console market. The competition not only is coming from the most unlikely of sources but also offers a feature that no one expected. Dubbed the KFC Console, the fast food chicken giant is now entering the video game industry with a series of outlandish promises. Let’s dive in.

Have Your Chicken & Eat It Too

Do you love video games? Do you also love fast food? What if a company combined both of those concepts into a single device? Kentucky Fried Chicken is promising just that with its patented KFC video game console. The device not only boasts 4K gaming with up to 240fps but also features a built-in food warmer. In addition, the console is compatible with Virtual Reality headsets:

Get on your feat and enjoy the world of Virtual Reality while the smell of fresh chicken captures your senses.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the device is real. Internet technical expert SpawnWaveMedia reviewed the official website’s claims and confirmed the validity of the concept; however, the major sticking point has nothing to do with the crispiness of KFC fried chicken. The primary limitation of the KFC Console is the price, which SpawnWaveMedia estimates to be approximately $4,000.

Next-Level Marketing

The renowned Chinese general Sun Tzu once said, “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” Over the summer, the debate over the best friend chicken sandwich dominated the Internet. Popular choices included Popeyes, Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby’s, and a host of others. Far down on nearly every pundit’s list was Kentucky Fried Chicken. Needing to redeem its brand image and raise awareness, KFC had two choices: launch a promotional campaign against the competition or attempt the unconventional. In true “blue-ocean” fashion, Colonel Sanders chose to forego adding fuel to the heated fried chicken debate by trying something new.

In an era where next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles retail for $499, will KFC actually try to sell a device that costs nearly ten times the amount? The answer is surprisingly simple: no. The revelation was always a marketing ploy. While it is highly unlikely that KFC will manufacture a video game console, the revelation created a social media storm. In just six days since the announcement, KFC Gaming’s Twitter and Instagram following has increased by 18 percent and 11 percent, respectively. Increased following on social media platforms creates a multitude of less expensive marketing opportunities, which KFC will surely attempt to exploit.

Corporations across many industries have produced clever marketing campaigns, but KFC’s approach is perhaps the most unique. The video game industry is enjoying a 20 percent increase in revenue in 2020, and KFC is smart to exploit the industry’s success. It is too early to determine if the marketing strategy will result in financial gain; however, the unorthodox approach has undoubtedly increased KFC’s brand awareness.


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