Does Cyberpunk 2077 Have The Best Photo Mode?

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Over the past decade, the video game industry has experienced groundbreaking innovation. From ray-tracing and anti-aliasing to portability and augmented reality, gaming remains on the cutting-edge of technology. While studios continue to push the boundaries of graphical fidelity and performance, in-game screenshots are growing in popularity. Dubbed the “photo mode,” this mechanic allows players to capture still images and post the visuals directly to social media. Since 2017, most Triple-A titles included a similar option for capturing gameplay pictures; however, Cyberpunk 2077 revealed a innovative photo mode that raised the bar to an all-time high. Let’s dive in.

Up the Ante

For many players, Breath of the Wild was the first modern game to popularize the photo mode. By using the Sheikah Slate, players could capture epic moments of Link’s adventures throughout Hyrule. Although rudimentary, the mode allowed players to alter Link’s pose and capture a “selfie.”

Since then, photo modes have become a staple across the industry. From God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 to Death Stranding and Marvel’s Spider-Man, capturing still-frame images of gameplay is a favorite activity among communities. While revolutionary and popular, photo modes are generally the same from game to game. Over the summer, Ghost of Tsushima broke the mold by allowing players to alter the weather, atmosphere, lighting and setting. The result was unprecedented levels of customization that we have never seen before in gaming. Just six months later, Cyberpunk 2077 is pushing innovation to new heights.

Available on launch date, Cyberpunk 2077’s photo mode is the pinnacle of customization. The mode not only includes a number of poses, but it also allows players to create a series of special effects. Utilizing ray-tracing technology, gamers can dramatically alter the lighting and contract. Finally, borders and stickers are available to add flare and flamboyance. Be sure to watch the full trailer for details.


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