How High Will Animal Crossing New Horizons Sales Climb?

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While Minecraft stands atop the pantheon of best-selling video games, the widespread availability of the pixelated adventure on nearly every platform is largely responsible for its success. Although console exclusivity severely limits opportunities for certain franchises, one new 2020 release dares to challenge the paradigm. As sales of Animal Crossing New Horizons continue to skyrocket, the industry begins to wonder: could ACNH surpass 40 million units sold? Let’s dive in.

King of the Mountain

When Nintendo released Animal Crossing New Horizons in March, the world was reeling from the pandemic. Societies adopted social distancing standards, and the workforce began teleworking. As communities remained in isolation, individuals were starving for new entertainment. Animal Crossing quickly filled this void to the tune of nearly 12 million units sold in its opening weekend. Three months later, Animal Crossing New Horizons is already the second-best selling Nintendo Switch games with 22.4 million units sold. The unprecedented success even surprised Nintendo’s chief executive, which begs the question: how many units can ACNH sell?

Statistica Report

With over 82 million units sold, Wii Sports currently is the benchmark of best-selling console games. While the motion-controlled sports game remains a fan favorite, the game’s success is not without caveat. Nintendo made the rare exception of bunding Wii Sports with the Wii console. This decision raises the question of whether consumers would have purchased the game separately.

Regardless of the distribution strategy, Animal Crossing New Horizons should dethrone most titles on this list. In just three months, Nintendo’s social simulation game became the fifteenth best-selling console game of all time. Nintendo will also release a semi-annual report in the coming weeks, which could provide sales data that pushes ACNH into the top ten. How high can the game climb?

Although it is unlikely that ACNH will surpass Wii Sports, the Tom-Nook title could surpass 30 million units sold before the end of the year. With Nintendo restocking the Animal Crossing themed Switch last week, consumers are more likely now to buy the game for the holidays. The results of this strategic decision will be a strong indicator as to how far ACNH can climb the iconic list of best-selling console games. Regardless of the outcome, ACNH is already a legendary success.


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