Ubisoft Quietly Partners With Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming

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Video game fans will always remember the year 2020 for delayed releases and next-generation console launches; however, another narrative is quickly grabbing headlines: consolidation. As the industry continues to process Microsoft’s blockbuster acquisition of Bethesda Game Studios, another technology giant quietly partnered with a Triple-A studio. On Thursday, Amazon announced a special partnership with Ubisoft Entertainment for its new cloud gaming service Luna. Let’s dive in.

To the Moon and Back

Since its acquisition of Twitch in 2014, Amazon has continued to flirt with the video game industry. From exclusive pre-order content to the launch of Prime Gaming, Amazon looked poised to take the next step. On Thursday, the Jeff Bezos giant indeed took the next step by becoming the latest player in cloud gaming. With the revelation of Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service, players can soon stream games directly to Fire TV, PC, and portable devices. Here is everything we know about the service:

  • The early access price for Amazon Luna+ is $5.99 per month.
  • The early access price is “only available during Luna early access.” The price will likely increase in the future.
  • Players can stream games on up to two devices at a time.
  • Compatible controllers include Xbox One and DualShock 4.
  • iOS and Android devices require a separate app.
  • Early access subscriptions are by invitation only and available to the mainland United States.

While the platform boasts popular indie titles, such as Sonic Mania and Yooka Laylee, Amazon secretly announced a special partnership between Luna and Ubisoft Entertainment.

“The Ubisoft game channel will include new and favorite titles from Ubisoft, including ultimate edition versions for select titles. The Ubisoft channel will provide you access to play on one device at up to 4k resolution for select titles. Stay tuned for more news.”

-Amazon Luna Landing Page

The decision to segregate Ubisoft’s content from Luna+ is curious and leads to the following questions:

  • Is the Ubisoft channel a separate subscription?
  • If so, will players need to an active Luna subscription to access the Ubisoft channel?
  • How much will the Ubisoft channel cost?
  • Will new releases be available at launch?


While Amazon’s version of a cloud gaming service is promising, many critical questions remain unanswered. But we want to know what you think. Do you believe that Ubisoft will limit cloud gaming to the Amazon Luna platform? How much will Amazon charge for the Ubisoft gaming channel? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. Also, be sure to check out our other news items on MarioZeldaModern WarfareBlizzard and more.

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