Witcher 3 Poised to Impress on Next Generation Consoles

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Single-player games continue to be a topic of conversation within the video game industry. Although online multiplayer games extend the life of popular franchises, a large segment of the industry still prefers solo experiences. Because most single-player games enjoy the highest percentage of lifetime sales within the first few weeks, the primary concern among the publishing community is the condensed sales window. Bethesda defied these odds with the critically acclaimed title Skyrim. While Skyrim is indeed an anomaly among single-player games, another legendary title is on a similar path to success: The Witcher 3. Let’s dive in.

The Next Skyrim?

Released in late 2011, Skyrim astonished the video game world with impressive graphics, engaging narrative, and customized gameplay. By the end of the year, Todd Howard’s creation sold over 10 million copies and won multiple game-of-the-year awards. Although sales of single-player games typically fade after the first few months, Skyrim remained relevant within the video game industry for more than a decade. Not only did Bethesda release Skyrim for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, but they also ported the game onto next-generation consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Critics attribute Skyrim’s success to the availability of the game on multiple generations of video game consoles. Thanks to an extended shelf-life, Bethesda’s masterpiece generated over 30 million in sales.

Just four years later, CD Projekt Red released another critically acclaimed western-style RPG. In a similar fashion to Skyrim, The Witcher 3 sold over 10 million copies during its first year and won multiple game-of-the-year awards. But CD Projekt Red did not rest on their laurels. The Polish developer followed Bethesda’s model by developing multiple expansions and ensuring the game was accessible on every major platforms. This decision resulted in nearly 30 million in sales, and the iconic studio is nowhere near closing this chapter in Geralt’s story.

On Friday, CD Projekt Red announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition is coming to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Developed to take advantage of the most powerful gaming hardware, the next-gen edition of the game will feature a range of visual and technical improvements — including ray tracing and faster loading times — across the base game, both expansions, and all extra content.

-CD Projekt Red


Ray-tracing and other performance upgrades are the cornerstone of next-generation video game hardware. The enhanced sense of realism will undoubtedly impress fans and developers alike. While most studios will choose to create new content, CD Projekt Red will likely prove the value of graphically enhanced ports.

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