Sony is Guaranteed to Delay the PS5 This Holiday

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As the pandemic continues to ravage global distribution channels, video game companies are modifying release schedules. From Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite to Nintendo’s seemingly indefinite silence, the industry is operating in a perpetual state of disarray. While the vast majority of studios have embraced a conservative approach, Sony remains adamant that its next generation console is launching this fall. Although fan anticipation is unrivaled, the staff at GamingROI believes that Sony will delay the PS5 this holiday season. Let’s dive in.

Software Sells Hardware

The Sony PlayStation remains the gold standard among the three major console owners. Since its initial release in 1994, each iteration of the PlayStation platform has sold at least 85 million units worldwide. Despite a storied history of success, a constant theme has emerged with each new console launch: a robust library of revolutionary titles. Fellow competitor Nintendo learned this valuable lesson during the Wii U era. While the system innovated on multiple fronts, the Wii U lacked critical third-party support, which resulted in complete failure. As many industry analysts have previously stated, software sells hardware.

Earlier this summer, Sony revealed a host of new innovative titles from first and third-party developers. Demon’s Souls Remastered, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are among those most anticipated. As fan excitement intensified following the event, the primary concern within the PlayStation community is the projected release date of these groundbreaking franchises.

Although third-party studios are unequivocally supporting Sony’s next generation console, few have emerged as launch day advocates. Thus far, Insomniac Games is poised to carry the title of system-seller with its next Spider-Man installment. However, Insomniac has yet to announce the release date for the Miles Morales sequel. While most fans believe that a confirmed release date is predicated on additional information regarding the PS5 launch, any delay in first or third-party support could prove devastating for Sony’s ninth generation console.

Revolutionary software remains the proven catalyst for selling next-generation hardware. Given the current challenges of video game studios across the globe and the corresponding uncertainty of release schedules, Sony ought to delay the PS5 launch until it is certain that third-party studios can adequately support. Failure to do so could lead to a less-than-desirable result.


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