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The price of AAA games has remained constant over the last two decades; however, the cost of developing modern games continues to increase. As such, developers needed a creative method of increasing a game’s earning potential. The solution is additional downloadable content (DLC), which has quickly become a staple in the video game industry. FromSoftware, the creators of the Dark Souls series, have recently begun embracing a DLC strategy. While most of their additional content features new areas and boss battles, President Miyazaki Hidetaka took a different approach with the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice DLC. Let’s dive in.

Upon Careful Reflection

The Bloodborne and Dark Souls series redefined the action role-playing genre of video games. Known for punishing combat and epic boss encounters, the FromSoftware titles began with a cult following and slowly progressed into iconic franchises. The culmination Miyazaki’s work is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which recently won Game of the Year at the 2019 Video Game Awards. Now 18 months after the game’s release, FromSoftware announced a free DLC update that arrives on October 29th. But instead of creating additional boss battles, Miyazaki is adopting a new approach for Sekiro.

The Best Things in Life (and Sekiro) are Free

Although FromSoftware games focus on boss battles, the epic action-RPG studio has yet to introduce a “boss rush mode” into Soulsborne franchises. Until now. Dubbed “Gauntlets of Strength,” the Sekiro boss rush mode will pit gamers against several of the game’s most difficult enemies. Should players die at any point during the challenge, progress will reset.

While nearly all Miyazaki creations present a difficult contest, Sekiro bosses are particularly aggressive and punishing. For this reason, FromSoftware is also including a “Reflections of Strength” mode. Upon resting at any Scultor’s Idol, players can initiate a rematch with previous bosses. This method allows players countless opportunities to practice their skills prior to attempting the Gauntlets of Strength.

The Sekiro DLC will also include in-game outfit customization. By resting at the Sculptor’s Idols, players can swap out the Wolf’s attire with three additional outfits. The first outfit unlocks upon completing the game, and players can earn the other two apparel options in the Gauntlets of Strength.

Lastly, players will be able to record up to 30 seconds of video and leave messages to other players, which can be accessed via an Internet connection. Dubbed “remnants,” these videos can aid players in navigation, boss strategy, etc… “Liking” a remnant will also restore the creator’s HP for free, which could prove useful in challenging fights. The free Sekiro DLC update releases on October 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.


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