Animal Crossing Update – Fireworks on the Way for August

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Routine software updates and downloadable content are routine practices for the video game industry. Although studios desire to launch a finished product, feedback from communities often informs post-release corrections and expansion packs. Sony and Microsoft adhere to this traditional approach; however, Nintendo embraces a different approach. On Tuesday, the hybrid console owner announced another new Animal Crossing update, which is equally exciting and curious. Let’s dive in.

‘Cause I’m T.N.T.

The principle incentive for most developers to continue working on a video game after launch is to increase positive perception by correcting mistakes or to sell additional content. Nintendo continues to be different by offering free yet significant updates to popular franchises. Switch exclusives, such as Super Mario Maker 2, Splatoon 2, and Tetris 99, have all received considerable updates over the past year. On Tuesday, Animal Crossing New Horizons was added to the list with a rather “explosive” update.

In addition to K.K. Slider performances on Saturdays, fans of the animal social simulation game can enjoy fireworks during the month of August. Not only can players handle sparklers with villagers and friends, but they can also create their own customized fireworks show.

But that is not all. After a vibrant evening of pyrotechnics, villagers can now enter a blissful dreamworld at the hand of new NPC Luna. Dubbed “dream islands,” these euphoric getaways closely resemble player’s main islands. While the full scope of this new mechanic is unclear, it appears as though Animal Crossing fans will soon have the ability to visit random players islands.

The final update is perhaps the most significant: cloud saves are finally coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons. Although the process to transfer or restore one’s island is sure to be eccentric, fans can rest assure that a solution is coming soon. The new update releases July 30th.


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