Far Cry 6 News – World Premiere Trailer Hints at Prequel

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Storytelling in video games remains a challenging endeavor. While a scarce number of studios have attempted to create series of interconnected sagas, most select a path of standalone experiences that employ common elements and threads. Noteworthy examples include Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, and others. During the Ubisoft Forward presentation, the Far Cry 6 news provided a shocking revelation. Perhaps the franchise will have its first connected story. Let’s dive in.

The Real El Presidente

Some are born to be heroes. Others are born to be villains. Giancarlo Esposito undoubtedly falls into the latter category. Rising to prominence during the critically acclaimed television series Breaking Bad, Esposito revealed that he is now the main antagonist of Far Cry 6. Set on the fictitious island of Yara, Esposito plays the dual role of dictator and father figure to a mysterious youngster named Diego.

The trailer begins with the young boy Diego building a model car. A cold calloused ruler, named Anton Castillo, enters the room and present the boy with a grenade. After a quick lesson on the weapon’s functionality, Anton takes Diego to the roof of the presidential mansion. Riots of angry citizens war against law enforcement as Castillo’s statue also falls to the ground. Castillo advises his son on the morals of the island’s dilemma; and the the trailer ends with Diego slowly releasing the grenade into a crowd of detained citizens.

Scars of the Past (Rumor)

The computer-generated imagery (CGI) from the Far Cry 6 trailer is one of the most visually appealing examples in modern history. Although the trailer lacked actual game play, it was difficult to distinguish Esposito in Far Cry 6 from his role in Breaking Bad. But fans were excited for another reason. Upon closer examination, Diego shares a unique similarity to another Far Cry antagonist.

Does the birth defect on Diego’s right eye also match Vaas’ in Far Cry 3? Perhaps. In fact, multiple outlets, such as Polygon, Forbes, and Screenrant, think that Far Cry 6 is a prequel to the 2012 installment. If true, it would mark the first time that two games in the Far Cry series were interconnected. While the possibility is intriguing, connecting the upcoming 2021 game to Far Cry 3 is clever. FC3 remains one of the best-selling in the series with over 10 million copies sold. Therefore, Ubisoft should be able to capitalize on the comparisons, which could catapult the franchise to new heights.


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