Breath of the Wild 2 – Voice Actor Mix-Up Outrages Fans

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Perhaps no other video game company generates excitement quite like Nintendo. From routine Nintendo Direct presentations to the annual E3 celebrations, Nintendo fans are perpetually starving for game reveals and news. With no updates on future titles beyond the upcoming Paper Mario release, the Nintendo community began scouring the Internet for information. The fan base settled on an obscure Spanish podcast, which recently hosted voice actors for Breath of the Wild 2. But instead of providing details on the next Zelda game, reporters made a grave mistake. Let’s dive in.

Jumping to Conclusions

Nearly every major video game media outlet spoke too soon. Culprits include IGN, VG247, VGC, and a host of others. Claiming that voice actors Nerea Alfonso and Marcel Navarro were finished with the dub for Breath of the Wild 2, the fan response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. But the press relied on a literal translation of Spanish podcast “Un cafe con Nintendo,” which was a grave mistake. Here is a recap of the events.

  • Un cafe con Nintendo released its 65th podcast at approximately 6pm EST on Sunday, July 5th. During the podcast, hosts interviewed Nerea and Marcel, who provided updates on their latest work. The pair of Zelda voice actors commented on their most recent work, which included Breath of the Wild 2.
  • By 8am the next day, multiple news outlets declared that the voice acting for the BOTW sequel is complete.
  • Less than an hour later, Un cafe con Nintendo tweeted a response to clarify Nerea and Marcel’s comments.

Context Matters

Thanks to the help of our relative Spanish translator Wilfredo Garciarivera, we applied context to the podcast.

  • The tone of the conversation was light and playful, which conveys that the voice actors did not mean for their comments to be taken seriously.
  • The voice actors are currently under non-disclosure agreements and could not officially comment on the hosts’ questions. Based on the conversation, Nerea and Marcel neither confirmed nor denied their work on Breath of the Wild 2.
  • Given the large volume of media coverage, new subscribers flocked to the Un cafe con Nintendo podcast.

While media outlets race to be the first to report breaking news, the efficacy and reliability of information is essential.


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