Far Cry 6 Releases 2021; Ubisoft to Reveal More July 12th

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It goes without saying that Sony’s “Future of Gaming” event was a worthy substitute for cancelled E3 presentations. While the PlayStation presentation showcased dozens of new games, fans of Ubisoft expressed disappointment. Until now. In a cryptic tweet from industry insider Nibel, Ubisoft plans to unveil Far Cry 6 during its Ubisoft Forward presentation on July 12th. Let’s dive in.

Late to the Party

Perhaps no other phrase describes Ubisoft better than “better late than never.” While industry giants typically reveal new products during E3, the industry is in a state of uncertainty as a result of COVID 19. Since the cancellation of E3, most studios have scheduled individual events. However, the exception to this rule is publisher and developer Ubisoft.

Known across the industry for iconic franchises, Ubisoft showcased the next Assassin’s Creed game at the latest Xbox Series X event. Though exciting, fans of the Far Cry and Tom Clancy series expressed disappointment. Until now.

According to industry insider Nibel, Ubisoft plans to reveal the next Far Cry game during its Ubisoft Forward event on July 12th. Far Cry 6 will feature a more “exotic location” and launch in 2021 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC. Though unknown, fans can rest assured that Ubisoft will likely take the franchise outside of the United States. While the exact location is a mystery, Ubisoft’s iconic first-person shooter is poised to thrive on next-generation hardware.


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