Music That Moves: FFX Ending Theme “Suteki da ne”

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The most beautiful love stories are often also the most calamitous. While the dichotomy between happiness and sorrow appear at odds, the struggle to secure affection of mutually reinforces the passion between two beings. Perhaps no conflict has torn more lovers apart than that of duty, honor, and responsibility. As two soulmates contemplate all available means of resolution, espousal becomes the sacrifice of obligation. Such is the story of Final Fantasy X (FFX) and its ending theme “Suteki da ne.”

Music that Moves is a series that examines the significance of melody and harmony in many of our favorite video games. We explore how themes and lyrics accentuate a game’s story arcs and add emotional depth to narratives.  

Ignorant Bliss

A summoner’s pilgrimage is one whose predestined completion is self-sacrifice for the salvation of Spira. As the story of FFX unfolds, Yuna’s relationship with Titus begins as a form of escapism. While the rest of the party understands the grim reality of each step, Titus is unaware of the consequences of Yuna’s journey. He is entirely oblivious to the emotional toll that the voyage hasupon Yuna, but Titus is also the only person who can talk to her without bias or dread. Yuna welcomes such an outlet as it provides much needed relief in the face of imminent death.

Passion vs Purpose

As the group edges closer to their final destination, Titus soon discovers the repercussions of the final summoning. Distraught, he vows to find a solution to not only defeat Sin but also save Yuna’s life. No longer holding a secret inside, Yuna explodes with emotion as the weight of her purpose becomes overbearing. With tears streaming down her face, she prays for different circumstances. But ultimately, both recognize that Yuna’s goal is more important than secret passion. As the full extent of Yuna’s quandary comes into focus, the lovers share a tear-soaked embrace.

Sacrificial Love

As the journey reaches the finale in Zanarkand, Titus learns what must be done. Yuna cannot escape sacrifice; however, he can shift the object of that sacrifice.

Instead of sacrificing Yuna, the party decides to kill the engineer of Sin: Yu Yevon. Prior to delivering the final blow, Titus confesses that he will disappear. Unsure of the way forward, Yuna enters the battle with Yu Yevon and returns victorious. While the party celebrates the end of the conflict, Titus’ being slowly begins to disappear. He knew. He always knew. His existence was tied to Yu Yevon and the never-ending dreamworld of Zanarkand. Yuna’s life has been spared, but at the expense of her beloved. As Yuna gazes upon her fading love, realization creeps into her mind. She races toward Titus for one last embrace but stumbles as she passes through his translucent body. The dream is no more. The sacrifice has been made. Titus became the embodiment of true love: a sacrificial exchange.

Isn’t it wonderful, if we could walk together? I’d want to go to your city, your home, and your arms. That chest. Hold my body. Fading in the evening is it a dream?

Suteki da ne lyrics


As we ponder the beautiful conclusion of FFX and the ending theme “Suteki da ne”, tragic love is equal parts beauty and catastrophe. For the height of love is not found in the duration or number of gaieties. The climax of emotion stemming from the dichotomy of struggle is what makes the union between two souls invaluable.

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