PS5 Price Leaked for USA and Western Markets

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As fan excitement for next generation console continues to grow, Sony blew the industry away with its latest State of Play event. The PlayStation company revealed 37 upcoming games, which includes 13 exclusive titles for the PS5. While the Internet was buzzing with excitement over the trailers and console design, Sony left out a critical piece of information: the console price. But hours after the event, an Asian retailer might have leaked the USA PS5 price. Let’s dive in.

Those Who Fail to Learn From History

Make no mistake, software moves hardware. However, industry critics often view consoles as paywalls for fans to play their favorite games. For this reason, Sony and Microsoft have historically tempered the price of their consoles in hopes of recouping losses on the software. But Sony has opposed this trend in the past.

Back in 2006, Sony shocked the gaming community by releasing the PS3 for $599. Fans were so stunned by the high price tag that the console struggled to gain momentum in the west. Words, such as “horrifying,” routinely described fan outrage. As a result, the PS3 underwhelmed in comparison to its PS2 predecessor and sold almost 70 million fewer units. Sony President Shuhei Yoshida later confessed that the price point was a mistake.

Fast forward to 2020, and Sony appears to be repeating the same mistake. For a brief moment on Friday, online retailer Play-Asia posted a listing for the PS5 at $699 USD. If true, this price point is $200 higher than the PS4 at launch. While the SSD and internal hardware upgrades are undoubtedly costly, few critics expected such a high introductory price. Is Sony doomed to repeat the same mistake of the PS3 launch? Only time will tell.


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