Super Mario Maker 2 – Major Update Releasing April 22

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The world of video games is no stranger to sandbox adventures. Multiple franchises afford players the option to customize their experiences, such as the Minecraft and Animal Crossing series. But the most riveting sandbox games are derived from iconic and established franchises that excel in traditional genres. Such is the case with the industry’s most famous plumber and his latest sandbox game: Super Mario Maker 2. On Monday, Nintendo revealed a host of new features, which are scheduled to release on April 22.

The Best Things in Life

We all know the saying: The best things in life are free. As it pertains to Nintendo updating its first party software, the company is notorious for providing customers with free updates. With its latest Super Mario Maker 2 update, the developer went overboard with a plethora of new content. Included is a new world maker, course assets, enemies, and powerups. While the update focused on Super Mario World themed content, there is an abundance of new features so we will unpack the upcoming features sequentially.

World Maker

Perhaps no other world map is more iconic than the Super Nintendo’s Super Mario World. The beautiful 16-bit sprites combined with divergent paths and superb gameplay created one of the greatest games of all time. Now Nintendo is bringing its SWM map design to Super Mario Maker 2.

With this new feature, players can create and share worlds with each other. Players must upload a level to each location on the customizable map, which can be altered in a variety of ways, and then alter landscapes, add enemies, and even create mini games. Finally, the end point of each world must include a castle, which could potentially lock players into a specific design mode.

The Koopalings Return

The seven Koopalings were iconic additions to the Mario series. Each wields different magic abilities and tests Mario’s platforming abilities. Sadly, the brother and sister combination of Roy and Wendy were the only two inclusions in Super Mario Maker 2. Until now. On April 22, Nintendo will release all seven Koopalings.

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Super Mario Bros 2….Sort Of

Since the release of the original Mario Maker game, fans have clamored for a Super Mario Bros 2 design mode. While the April 22 update contains SMB2 assets, it will only partially satisfies fans’ desires.

  • Using a SMB2 mushroom, players can transform into a Mario design from the second game.
  • When using this power-up, Mario can ride and throw items and enemies.
  • The SMB2 mushroom can only be used in the original Super Mario Bros design mode.

Final Power-ups

Super Mario Bros 3 was historic in that the game added numerous suits and costumes. While Nintendo included most of the powerups in the new game, Super Mario Maker 2 had many glaring exclusions. On April 22, the most iconic power-up makes a return: the frog suit.

Finally, Nintendo has a few more tricks up its sleeve. In addition to the super acorn and boomerang flower from New Super Mario Bros U, the Mario team is adding multiple new suits.

  • Cannon Box
  • Propeller Box
  • Pow Block
  • Goomba Suit
  • Bullet Bill


While fans should be excited about the final update to Super Mario Maker 2, Nintendo left many assets unused. Most notably, the decision not to fully incorporate a full Super Mario 2 mode or include more character skins is peculiar. But we want to know what you think. Are you excited about the Super Mario Maker 2 update? Which new feature are you most excited to play? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right.

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