Music That Moves: Xenoblade Chronicles “Beyond the Sky”

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Throughout the course of history, humanity has wrestled with the purpose of life. While some promote a flare for the dramatic, others embrace the certainty of the mundane. Regardless of the perspective, a singular truth remains: no one can predict the future. Countless generations have aspired to control their existence, yet few have secured a desired outcome. In the face of surmounting entropy, humanity is often paralyzed by uncertainty. Such is the story of Xenoblade Chronicles and its ending theme “Beyond the Sky.”

Music that Moves is a series that examines the significance of melody and harmony in many of our favorite video games. We explore how themes and lyrics accentuate a game’s story arcs and add emotional depth to narratives.  

A Gift and a Curse

As the story of Xenoblade Chronicles unfolds, the main protagonist Shulk employs a legendary blade to catch glimpses of the future. While at times startling, these visions provide Shulk with the uncanny ability to thwart ensuing tragedy. Regardless of the circumstance, the purpose is always ubiquitous: revenge against an invading race of mechanical beings for killing his loved ones.

As Shulk nears the completion of his quest, his mind begins to slowly drift to thoughts of the future. For longer than he can remember, his guiding light had been a heart filled with vengeance. But with his purpose fulfilled, the void grows and becomes ever the more dark.

One Final Wish

As the purpose for Shulk’s existence slowly crumbles, feelings of anxiety and fear begin to settle. How should he live in a future plagued with uncertainty? Who or what should be his guiding light? With these thoughts swirling in his mind, Shulk’s friends remind him of a simple truth.

We don’t really know what the future holds, but we just want to live our lives day by day. Eating, sleeping laughing, crying, sometimes arguing, and being with the ones we love. That is enough.

Even so, we change little by little. Every day is a little different from the last. We do not know what the future holds. It is more fun not knowing! Life’s little surprises are what make it great. We don’t know what is going to happen. It is worrying sometimes, but it is also exciting.

With his loved ones vindicated, Shulk makes one final wish as he succeeds the visionary power of the Monado: an existence where every living creature is free to pursue life as it comes.

Beyond the Sky

Our final scene is reminiscent of the game’s beginning. Shulk stares into the vast emptiness of the ocean as Fiora arrives and the ending theme “Beyond the Sky” commences.

No longer possessing the power of prediction, Shulk’s mind begins to race. Recognizing the inevitability of life’s ups and downs, he defaults to feelings of despair. Yet as Fiora approaches, the anxiety and fear of the unknown slowly fades. He has found his guiding light. A purpose for existence. A foundation for the future.

No I won’t let you go, I will hold it in my arms. Oh! This light was you! I know it now, beyond the sky, there’s new place you’ll see. I came to you to share our dream together, and I won’t let us part, there’s no place to be. My heart is with you, forever and ever…

Beyond the Sky


As we ponder the beautiful conclusion of Xenoblade Chronicles and the ending theme “Beyond the Sky”, our world remains plagued with precarious trepidation. The ulterior motives of a few seemingly dictate the paths of the many, but each of us wields the power to overcome. So tonight, set aside the apprehension and worry. Forget the troubles of yesterday and the insecurity of tomorrow. For in the end, our aspirations are similar regardless of race, religion, or creed: to live each day as it comes in the arms of the ones we love.

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