Music That Moves: Xenoblade 2 “A Moment of Eternity”

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Since the dawn of time, the concepts of existence, love, and separation have haunted humanity. With each hourglass filled to divergent levels, the consequence of love manifests itself in a tragic dichotomy: the separation of two souls by death. But what are the true desires of the departed? And how should those left behind carry onward? Such is the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country and its ending theme “A Moment of Eternity.”

Music that Moves is a series that examines the significance of melody and harmony in many of our favorite video games. We explore how themes and lyrics accentuate a game’s story arcs and add emotional depth to narratives.  

The Empty Hourglass

As Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna: The Golden Country draws to its conclusion, we cannot help but recall a series of quotes from Ocarina of Time:

The flow of time is always cruel. Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it. Time passes. People move. Like a river’s flow, it ever ends. But a thing that does not change is the memory of younger days. Young love grows over time. A true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger. The passion of friendship soon blossoms into deep affection, and through it, you know which way to go.

Ocarina of Time

While the credits begin to roll, a massive army of Indoline soldiers overwhelm the countryside. Buildings burn. Children scream. War separates loved ones. And our protagonists, Jin and Lora, begin to flee.

Amidst the chaos, Lora is mortally wounded. As she desperately clings to every last thread of life, the memories of her time with Jin begin to wash over her. The multiple instances where each saved one another’s life. The laughter of finding glimmers of hope and humor on the open road. The cold evenings where each kept the other warm. The friendships discovered along the way.

As the severity of her dire situation slowly comes into focus, Lora offers her life in exchange for Jin’s immortality. The latter reluctantly complies as the former breathes one final breath. While Jin crosses the point of no return, his thoughts begin to drift to the same memories of friends and loved ones they shared together.

Etched in Eternity

Time. Our lives are dependent upon it. We set our schedules by it. But we secretly despise its power. Yet humanity cannot erase a moment etched in stone. Lora’s final breath is both a reminder and a plea for Jin’s future existence.

When you’ll look around you won’t see me anywhere. But you will feel in the air that I am there. For a time, I will be away. With the wind gusting along.

And all we shared was a moment, I know. But that moment will shine us through to the sky. So do not look back, let the moment be forever. Nonetheless, those movements we have treasured will be carved into stone eternally.


Lora’s final plea was a duel petition for Jin’s future existence. As her lungs drew their final breath, Lora reminded Jin of the following truths:

  • Humanity will always desire one more moment with those who we love. But the reminders of time spent together are all around us. We only need the curiosity and courage to look.
  • Though they appear fleeting, memories created are etched in eternity. Not even death can erase a history of love and connection.

A Road Less Traveled

As Lora holds the gaze of her lover for one last time, Jin begins to understand the challenges of the path that lies ahead. While the moments preceding death are tragic, so too are the times following the loss of a loved one. Jin personifies the living’s dilemma with his final quote:

In the course of a lifetime, a man will see uncountable meetings and partings. Yet as your life’s candle sputters and dies, whose face is it that rises to greet you? Happy is the man who can sleep in the comfort of the smile he sees then. No, I don’t wish for forever. Even just for one moment, it is enough if it is with her.


He never gets the chance. Lora is gone. Forever. Yet at the intersection of life and death, Lora’s final plea is for Jin to press onward and smile upon recollection of the memories they shared together. But as Jin begins his journey of loneliness and regret, we slowly start to understand the dilemma of those left behind. For while death is indeed tragic, living with a yearning for a lost soulmate is even more so. Though etched in stone, our memories will never quite suffice. We will always want just one more moment together.


As we ponder the tragic conclusion of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna: The Golden Country, let your thoughts rest upon those who you love. Hold a lover’s gaze just a moment longer. Let your eyes close and rest upon those most dearest and embrace this truth: what is etched in eternity can never be erased.

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